Founded in 2022, is the official type foundry of what was formerly known as the Femme Type initiative.

The purpose of the Femme Type initiative, which was to champion the typeface design, and typography work of women. became a natural solution as a direct course of action in continuing its mission — to increase recognition, and promote a more diverse type design industry. 

Established with a purpose of partnering with type designers from backgrounds under-represented within the industry, we craft unique, forward-thinking typefaces fit for purpose; optimised for both digital and printed spaces. Our driving force is to not only create functional, high-quality typeface solutions for brands and freelancers, but to also create a catalogue of fonts that directly tackles the diversity imbalance of font choice within the graphic design industry — giving them the tools to not only ignite their design solutions, but also be an equal facilitator of positive change.  

If you’d like to discuss a potential project or have any questions, please get in touch: 

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Amber Weaver

Creative Director + Type Designer

Giulia Boggio


Rainer Erich (Eric) Scheichelbauer

Alli Cunanan


Interested to learn more about what we can add to your brand or project? We offer our clients plenty of font licensing support, bespoke typeface design services and modifications of our current fonts to suit the needs of all sizes from startups to corporate clients. 


We’re always on the hunt for fresh new typeface ideas and opportunities that align with our brand purpose. Follow the contact information below to get in touch about your idea, or to just say hello!