ALT Riviera ( and Space Grotesk (Florian Karsten) in use for The Guild’s website⁠.

The Guild started out by being Atlanta’s first co-living company, creating spaces for changemakers — entrepreneurs, artists, and community organizers — to live, work, gather and thrive. In addition to providing live/work spaces, their program targeted venture and personal development. ⁠

"The Guild’s workshops and trainings cover everything from advanced business basics, to personal finance coaching, and even things like mindful meditation, to provide holistic support to these changemakers who work to positively impact their communities. Since then, we’ve evolved and grown, when it became clear that these changemakers were at the threat of being displaced due to gentrification. Our city is grappling with both residential and commercial gentrification, with legacy residents and businesses both at the frontline of displacement.

This kind of development only serves to widen the already existing racial wealth gap. Instead, we take a community-centered approach to development. Our upcoming deals are focused on creating a pathway for community ownership."