ALT Riviera

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Accompanied with our 2.0, 2023 website update, we're delighted to announce the release of ALT Riviera, a 6-weight font family designed by London-based designer Giulia Boggio (she/they). With three Gs in their own name, Boggio naturally gravitates towards the letter as a starting point. As she explains, Riviera began with a ‘G’ she developed for her previous typeface Bastardo. “I was exploring with the round edge and I liked it, but it didn't fit in the Bastardo system,” she reflects, “so I just developed a whole font around it.”

ALT Riviera leans into the lighthearted and geometric aesthetics of Grotesks, but developing the typeface’s quirks early on played a major part in establishing the personality and essence of the design system. ALT Riviera is also a typeface of contrasts, with Boggio pitting ‘hard’ against ‘soft’ forms. In particular, she emphasises the hard shoulders of R, G, and f. “It’s really satisfying to me to look at the contrast between sharp and soft,” she says, “it’s like they’re fighting initially but no one can win so they end up making it work.”

Imbuing the tension between hard and soft, Boggio was drawn towards the spectacle of boxing to showcase the typographic range of the font family. Explaining the reasoning behind the ‘Boxes and Babes’ assets, “I love boxing as a form of punching while dancing, it has a magic to it, it’s somehow both strong and delicate,” they note. “I've always been deeply fascinated by this sport and the artistry it entails. There's a raw energy and grace that coexist in the boxing ring. I liked the idea of merging the iterations of softness and hardness. It was a creative experiment to see how opposing qualities could harmoniously come together and complement each other.” 

Equipped with over 600+ glyphs, major Latin language support (Basic Latin, Latin A extended and 13% Latin B extended) and a considerable number of quirky symbols that reflect Boggio's playful and creative nature, ALT Riviera exists as a Grotesk to give it's partner, whether that be a brand identity, work mark or primary type choice in a graphical system, the tools to pack a real punch.

Release: 2023
Type Designer: Giulia Boggio
Version: 1.0