Koi beauty

Visual Identity • Packaging Design • Word Mark • Conceptual

KOI, a visionary beauty brand, is a captivating fusion of classic sophistication and futuristic artistry. At the heart of this creative vision is the ALT Maria Clara serif font, which lends an air of timeless elegance to the brand while maintaining a modern edge.

In a striking juxtaposition to the classic typography, KOI incorporates futuristic 3D-rendered floral compositions. These digital floral artworks, infused with a sense of innovation and avant-garde creativity, become the visual focal point of the brand. These intricate, ethereal flowers symbolize KOI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty, transcending conventional notions, and embracing a future where beauty knows no bounds.

Font In Use
ALT Maria Clara


3D Artworks:
Alex Valentina (@alexvxvxvxvx)

Giulia Boggio (@bojjoe)