Visual identity and design system for GERDEA – a research network that examines the interactions between social gender relations and the extreme right: Dynamics – Effects – Ambivalences.

The research association examines dynamics, effects and ambivalences in the action of (extreme) rights in the political debate about gender order. The results are intended to develop a better understanding of extremely right-wing mobilization dynamics and to strengthen political and educational prevention work against right-wing extremism under the auspices of gender and sexual policy priorities.

The aim was a modern and loud design that stands out from the research context and at the same time appeals to target groups from academia and the general public. Good legibility, a bold font and exciting contrasts are the main focus. The result is a flexible design system with responsive logo variants, bright colors and icons.

Strategy and project management
Zoff Kollektiv

Art Direction, identity, design system, web design

ALT Riviera by Giulia Boggio for