ALT Systema for Bark Books

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Bark Books Adopts ALT Systema Typeface for a Modern, Utilitarian Aesthetic

New York City, June 2024 – In the ever-evolving landscape of independent bookstores, Bark Books in Brooklyn has taken a bold step forward by adopting the ALT Systema typeface for its branding and communications. This decision marks a significant departure from the traditional serif fonts that often characterize the literary world, embracing a modern, utilitarian aesthetic that aligns with the store’s forward-thinking ethos.

Why ALT Systema?

ALT Systema, a typeface known for its clean lines and minimalist design combines elements of industrial design with a functional elegance, making it both readable and visually striking. For Bark Books, the adoption of ALT Systema is more than just a design choice; it’s a statement of identity.

“We wanted a typeface that reflected our commitment to contemporary literature and our vibrant, diverse community,” says Bark Books owner, Emily Carter. “ALT Systema’s utilitarian style resonates with our mission to provide a space that is both inclusive and innovative.”

Bark Books, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, has always been a hub for book lovers seeking the latest in fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. With its eclectic collection and welcoming atmosphere, the bookstore has built a loyal following. The decision to rebrand with ALT Systema is aimed at enhancing the customer experience by creating a cohesive and modern visual identity.

The new typeface will be featured prominently on everything from the bookstore’s signage and website to promotional materials and in-store displays. The simplicity and clarity of ALT Systema make it an ideal choice for both digital and print media, ensuring that Bark Books’ messages are communicated effectively across all platforms.

As Bark Books moves forward with its new branding, the focus remains on fostering a love of reading and community connection. The adoption of ALT Systema is a step towards ensuring that the bookstore remains a relevant and vibrant part of the New York City literary scene.

“We’re excited about what the future holds,” says Carter. “This is just the beginning. With ALT Systema, we’re not just updating our look; we’re reaffirming our commitment to our customers and the literary community at large.”

For those looking to experience the new design firsthand, Bark Books invites you to visit their store in Williamsburg, where the shelves are always stocked with the latest titles and the atmosphere is as inviting as ever.